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Image by Nick Wessaert


Going hand in hand with creating a positive online image, we think having the right kind of advertising is key to your business. Together with our understanding of how SEO and online advertising works we can help you using data driven tactics to generate more bang for you buck spent on advertising your business.


From our experience, a well-functioning online store can make a huge difference in your relationship with your customers. The focus shouldn't only be on functionality, but also on design and user friendliness. We have extensive experience in building online e-commerce platforms that will that your business to the next level through sales and customer targeting optimisation.


Day to day needs for energy sources will always be important for the well functioning of society. As in many other classical industrial areas, technology and data is taking over and working hand in hand with the proven expertise in order to squeeze more value out of already successful businesses. We are ready to help you optimise your internal workflows or improve your production prediction no matter if you are working with live stock, raw materials or in other heavy industrial areas.


Money interactions have moved to the online and so have a lot of businesses working in the financial industry. Everybody is focusing in providing secure platforms with great UI/UX and make their services run smoothly. We have been involved in multiple projects working with leading online banks and online tax service providers and so we are well versed and ready to help move your business to prepare for a safe transition to the web.


Health is one of growing fields where technology can improve both the relationship of businesses with their customers as well as the efficiency and success of the business. We have experience working with patient platforms that integrate ML for diagnostics and take the right care of data privacy. WIth the right software, one can improve people's lives.

Your industry

Despite the above being our strong areas in which we have proven experties, we are ready to work with you and learn about your business and your idea to take it the next level!


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